Night-time Advertising with Outdoor Digital Signage

The cityscape at night is a lot different to the daytime skyline. While many of the stores shut and turn off their lights, not all of the city sleeps in the evening. Indeed, many cities in the world only truly come alive when the sun goes down.

Cinemas, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and other leisure and hospitality businesses mean that many cities become bustling areas during the evening.

Outdoor advertising during the night is therefore a prominent aspect of the décor of our cityscapes during the evening as advertisers vie to sell and promote their products to the revellers, diners and cinema goers on a night out.

Traditional outdoor advertising during the evening has to be illuminated as static advertising such as print posters and billboards can’t be seen when the sun goes down.

Static posters for night time advertising are often placed on a light box which illuminates the content allowing it to be seen. The only other traditional method of night time advertising and signage has been to use neon.

Outdoor digital signage has changed all this. It is the ideal medium for night time outdoor advertising as it is incredibly noticeable and eye-catching.

As LCD screens have their own backlight they are incredibly visible at night, standing out and displaying vibrant and visible content. Each screen can be used for multiple adverts so advertisers don’t need large and bulky revolving six sheet panels or other methods of getting multiple adverts over a light box.

Outdoor digital signage is also replacing neon making this vintage and retro signage method obsolete, in fact the only difficulties with using LCD screens in outdoor locations is ensuring they are protected from the weather, temperature and other hazardous outdoor elements.

Fortunately outdoor LCD enclosures make this a simple task. These waterproof housings can accommodate almost nay size and make of LCD or plasma screen. The waterproof LCD enclosures not only keep the weather elements away from the LCD screen but also ensure the temperature inside the enclosure is always at the optimum thanks to internal climatic components.

As LCD enclosures are manufactured from steel they also ensure the enclosed flat panel displays are protected from impacts and vandalism too – essential for outdoor digital signage.

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