Choosing a Digital Signage System for Outdoor Use

Outdoor digital signage is a fast-growing new industry with potentially a lot larger audience capable of seeing the digital advertising campaign than in other forms of digital signage implementation.

Similar to other digital LCD and plasma systems; outdoor digital signage implements these technologies for the purpose of:

*    Brand awareness
*    Marketing
*    Information
*    Advertising
*    Enhancing customer’s experience and behaviour

While digital outdoor signage can reach a lot larger audience than those LCD TVs implemented inside, ensuring the display is protected from the weather and other potential hazards is a particular challenge, unique to outdoor applications.

Waterproof and weatherproof TV systems such as outdoor LCDs are available and provide a solution for outdoor signage applications but while they protect against the weather elements and are often sealed to NEMA 4 or IP65, there are other considerations that need to be considered with an outdoor digital signage system.

Many outdoor systems are often left unattended, which means security is certainly an issue. Ensuring the device is secured from vandals and thieves is incredibly important especially when you consider the costs of weatherproof TV systems.

However, standard LCD systems can be used outdoors and can be adequately protected, not just from the weather elements but also from attempts at vandalism and theft. And by using standard LCD TV systems, huge costs savings can be made as off-the-shelf LCD TVs are now tumbling in price.

This is made possible thanks to an LCD outdoor enclosure. These steel cabinets allow slim line TV systems like LCD and plasma to be safely used in outdoor locations. Not only do they offer the same NEMA 4 and IP65 protection as bespoke weatherproof TV’s, they do so at a fraction of the cost.

They  are also manufactured from solid steel with anti-tamper measures such as  anti-shatter screens and security locks making them a faar more cost effective and secure solution.

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