Challenging Technology – Part Three – Keeping Dry

When children are first taught about electricity it is quite common to explain the dangers, and particularly the point that electricity and water do not mix. Yet, there are many areas in such as industrial and factory settings where electronic devices like computers, touch screens, printers and displays have to be used as part of the control process.

Yet, in some environments such as food manufacturing, water is everywhere. It is used to wash down areas and keep everything clean so any electronic device, such as a computer, touch screen or printer, has to be able to withstand not just water splashes but also wash down and even jet washing.

Industrial computer enclosures, printer enclosures and touch screen enclosures have all been designed with the same waterproofing technology to allow their use in wash down areas. And European guidelines have even been produced that indicate the protection these enclosures can offer in such conditions. The IP65 and IP66 monikers are what to look out for when sourcing such a product.

The same technology is also utilised outdoors with a recent interpretation being the LCD enclosure. These waterproof display cabinets allow outdoor digital signage protecting the enclosed LCD (or plasma) from the weather.

LCD enclosures are ideal for factory floors and industrial areas too as they can be jet-washed and hosed down allowing their use in any type of wet room.

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