Brand Building with Digital Signage

Creating a brand is perhaps the most important aspect of marketing that a business can embark on—especially a retail business. No other form of marketing, advertising or promotion can benefit a business as well as generating a brand.

Once a successful brand I established customers begin showing brand loyalty, returning time and time again trusting the brand even though they may not have tried their products. Think of Apple Inc, Nike, Coca Cola and McDonalds and the customer loyalty these companies have generated though brand generation alone!

Brand Marketing

A brand needs to establish who it is aimed at—the target audience—if it is to be successful. Once the audience is established, the brand should speak to them; satisfy their needs and requirements so that the customers begin to trust the brand.

The most important aspects to generating a brand are the brand name, the logo and any strap line that accompanies the brand logo. These need to be simple and easy to remember as brand marketing works essentially by repetition, as repetition generates remembrance.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is an ideal tool for generating brand awareness. Unlike static media, moving images, and transitions are far more engaging and noticeable with a digital signage display; however, because the dwell time for a digital signage screen is so brief—especially outdoor digital signage or screens without a captive audience—detailed advertising content such as television adverts are not suitable; however, showing logos, brand names and straplines.

Digital signage can be sued to generate brand awareness almost anywhere. In front of stores, on screens around shopping malls and even outdoor digital signage–the more chances people have in noticing a brand name, the more likely the brand will begin to stick in their memory.

*Armagard’s personal branded digital sign enables branding on not just the digital display but on the retail totem itself—helping to promote brand awareness even further.

Branded retail totem

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