Digital Signage on a Shoestring

Despite the falling costs of TV screens such as LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) or plasma, digital signage is still not what you would describe as a cheap endeavour. Not only do the screens, content and distribution systems have to be purchased but also digital signage enclosures used to house and protect the screens are also a requirement, which can become doubly expensive in outdoor digital signage systems.

But a simple and cost effective digital signage campaign can be achieved by taking advantage of many of the latest innovations in digital signage.

LCD Enclosures

LCD enclosures are digital signage cabinets that house standard TV devices. What makes them advantageous is that they are a can-do solution for almost any environment. Even in outdoor locations these digital signage enclosures will house and protect enclosed devices preventing rain and weather elements from damaging the device as well as ensuring the enclosed TV is running at the optimum operating temperature.

Even in indoor locations LCD enclosures will pay for themselves as they will ensure the screen is running in the perfect environment and will consequently lengthen the life of the LCD or plasma screen.

Content Generation Software

One of the largest overheads some installers of digital signage find that they face is the continuing cost of getting content created. Whilst ad agencies and specialist digital signage content providers can supply professional content – at a price – many people are now producing their own digital signage content.

There are many content generation software utilities available and even standard programs on most computers such as those used to create presentations, are ideal for creating digital signage content. And you don’t have to have a degree in computing or design to create effective content. By keeping it simple and using bold images and text combined with plenty of colour, a simple but effective campaign can be achieved.

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