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Daniel Waldron

A dedicated writer for 10 years, Daniel joined Armagard in 2013. Daniel assists in the production of web copy, articles, blogs, press releases and white papers, for use by Armagard's marketing team. Daniel Waldron Google+

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LCD Menu Boards vs LED Menu Boards at the Drive Thru: A Comparison

Digital Drive Thru Menu Boards

The mission to boost quick service restaurant (QSR) sales has taken to the drive thru lane, with outdoor LCD and LED menu boards going head-to-head to become the screen technology of choice. As fast food chains look to improve the customer experience at the drive thru, are LCD or LED displays better suited to the task? Read more


Illuminated Drive Thru Boards | Which are Best for Your Drive Thru Restaurant?

custom made totem at drive thru

Looking for outdoor illuminated drive thru boards for your restaurant’s drive thru lane? There’s plenty to choose from, right? However, which offer you the best value for money and the flexibility you need to drive sales at your drive thru? Read More


The Great British Outdoor Menu Display Tactic Driving Fast Food Sales

The task of enticing new QSR customers, and retaining loyal ones, has certainly become more challenging in today’s ‘instant’ society. As a result, the fast food menu in the UK has had to evolve. Cue the next evolution of the outdoor menu display… Read More


Drive Thru Digital Signage | The Future’s Digital for the QSR Drive Thru

Drive Thru Digital Signage

Editor’s note: This is a guest blog from Sarah Hanney… Sarah is a writer and blogger for out-of-home signage experts, Signkick.


How to Increase Sales in Fast Food by up to 8% Leveraging Your Drive Thru Lane

Did you know? Your restaurant’s drive thru lane has the potential to increase sales in fast food by up to 8%. That’s on top of the estimated 70% of sales that take place at drive thru windows. What’s the secret? Digital signage holds the key to boosting sales for your fast food chain…..Read More


Industrial Re-Revolution Accessible for Manufacturers Big and Small

industrial re revolution

As technology advances, and new ways to innovate the manufacturing industry arise, an inherent issue exists that may stop smaller businesses from utilizing these new technologies. The underlying issue is cost and unfortunately, it is scaring people away from modernizing their business. Read More about the Industrial Re-Revolution Accessible for Manufacturers Big and Small


How Computer Integration can Upskill the Manufacturing Workforce

computer integration in manufacturing workforce

An article published in the Wall Street Journal on September 1st claims that the number of unfilled manufacturing jobs is the highest it’s been in 15 years. Why? Apparently, many workers no longer possess the skills to perform today’s manufacturing jobs. How can Computer Integration remedy this?….Click here to read about How Computer Integration can Upskill the Manufacturing Workforce


Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Explained…Clearly

Computer Integration Explained

In an era where computers are at the core of production processes worldwide, understanding computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM), and how it can improve operations, is more crucial than ever. In layman’s term, this is CIM explained….Click Here to read Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Explained…Clearly


How to Setup Digital Signage for Exhibitions | A guide for SMEs

Digital Signage for Exhibitions

Are you a small to medium business enterprise? Competing with big players in your industry at various exhibitions? You’ve invested in digital signage and you’re ready to use it. Here are some top tips on how to set up digital signage for exhibitions that will help you to attract delegates…


Is Outdoor Digital Signage Eco-Friendly?

Outdoor Digital Signage Eco-Friendly

Is your business ‘eco-conscious?’ Unsure if outdoor digital signage is eco-friendly? Perhaps this will solve your dilemma…