Anti Vandalism Solutions for Outdoor Digital Signage

Digital signage and out of home advertising is making the high street a far more attractive and useful place. Maps are being replaced with interactive wayfinding, restaurant menu boards are now being displayed on LCD screens and even bus shelters have TV screens displaying advertising and entertainment.

However, whilst this digital out of home media is attractive and functional it also has one disadvantage in comparison with traditional signage methods – the cost of replacing damaged devices.

The problem with outdoor digital signage is that, whilst many systems are robust enough to cope with the rigours of the weather and the outdoor environment, often it is deliberate damage that can lead to damage and the requirement of a replacement.

It’s a sad fact of life that there are some people receive some level of satisfaction deliberately damaging or destroying other’s property. And with outdoor digital signage the problem is exacerbated by the attractiveness TV systems are to thieves and vandals.

However, there are many methods that those deploying outdoor digital signage use to protect their systems from this unwanted attention and deliberate damage.

Shatterproof Screens are a must for any digital outdoor signage. Not only will this prevent damage from vandalism but will also protect the owners of the digital signage from any claims made against injury if a screen gets broken. As shatterproof screens simply won’t shatter there is no danger of glass causing injury and even the most determined vandal will leave feeling frustrated.

One novel method being deployed in some digital signage systems is the use of a camera that turns the signage into a CCTV device. When the onboard sensor detects any large impact the camera is switched on and the person’s face is displayed on the signage screen with an appropriate warning message. This has he effect of scaring off the would-be attacker who realises they are at risk of being identified.

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