All You Need to Know: Using Computers, Printers, Touch Screens, Monitors and LCDs in Harsh or Hostile Environments

The use of computer equipment is now as wide spread in factories, warehouses and in the industrial sector as it is throughout our offices and homes. There is no wonder really when you consider how useful computer equipment is to monitor and control factory processes or stock levels.

There are challenges in using this type of technology in less than perfect surroundings though, as many industrial and factory settings contain many hostile and harsh elements that can permanently damage and disable this type of computer equipment.

Protecting this type of equipment in these areas can be extremely challenging as industrial areas vary on the types of harsh elements around. Some environments are dusty and dirty with forklift trucks whizzing up and down the aisles; other areas may be spotlessly clean but water could be used liberally to wash areas down.
Industrial computer enclosures, printer enclosures and touch screen enclosures provide an ideal solution to countering these harsher elements. Most manufacturers of these enclosures produce them to international guidelines such as NEMA 4 or the European IP65/IP54. Not only can they protect against nearly everything modern industry can throw at them – dust, dirt, water (including jet washing), extreme temperatures, vibrations and heavy impacts – but also they can house any standard off-the shelf piece of equipment.

This has major benefits as inexpensive devices can be used rather than specific industrial computers, industrial printers, industrial touch screens or displays. Even standard TVs can be used in industrial applications for digital signage by housing them in an industrial LCD enclosure.

LCD enclosures and touch screen enclosures are now regularly being used outside for the purposes of outdoor digital signage as they are secure and can withstand everything the weather can throw at them.

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