Advantages of Stainless Steel in Digital Signage – LCD Enclosures

Stainless steel is an important material in digital signage applications. LCD screens are now used in a whole host of environments and areas. From retail to outdoor digital signage; hospitals to use in factories and industrial areas; LCD screens can be found everywhere.

In many of these areas and applications, wash down and general cleanliness can be an issue so any screen functioning as a signage display needs to not only be protected from water if it is used to clean areas but also the screen’s LCD enclosure shouldn’t pose a risk by suffering from corrosion or other problems.

Stainless steel is a common material for LCD enclosures if they are to be used in wet or wash down environments. A stainless steel LCD enclosure will often be designed to European or North American standards such as the IP65 or NEMA 4 ratings.

Stainless steel has several properties that make it ideal for the above locations especially when wash down is a potential hazard. Stainless steel doesn’t corrode, is easy to clean and is naturally resistant to bacteria.

A stainless steel LCD enclosure will allow a standard LCD display to be not only protected from water, wash down and other hazards but will also not pose a contamination problem in itself.

Stainless steel is not the only option for an outdoor LCD enclosure that has to operate in wet conditions. While in some locations such as food processing, painted mild steel enclosures are not suitable, they can be a more cost effective alternative to stainless steel in outdoor locations.

For outdoor digital signage, stainless steel is often requested by installers who believe it is better for outdoor environments because of its ability to withstand water.

However, stainless steel does increase costs an in most outdoor locations where rainfall is a hazard, a painted mild steel LCD enclosure will suffice just as well and will save 20-30 percent in costs.

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