Digital Advertising and Taking the Next Step – Outdoor Digital Signage

Since LCD screens were first used as out of home advertising, digital signage has gone a long way. LCD displays and screens are no cropping up almost everywhere: Gas stations, waiting rooms, surgeries, and pharmacies; not to mention the myriad of store and high street retailers that are installing digital signage for advertising.

In fact, in many cities there doesn’t seem to be a spare wall, concourse, corridor or store frontage that doesn’t have a screen displaying active and eye-catching content.
However, with so many TV screens being deployed in this environment, digital signage is in danger of becoming the norm, as static and traditional print media has become. If a shopping mall becomes too littered with LCD screens, then the audience becomes desensitised to them and they lose their uniqueness and ability to engage.

However, there is one method of ensuring your digital advertising campaign stays one step ahead of the game – place the screens outside.

Outdoor digital signage is becoming more and more popular as implementers realise the benefits of the outdoor environment. Not only are LCD displays less common outdoors, the potential audience is far greater.

Outdoor digital signage, however, is not as straight forward as indoor systems to install. Not only do outdoor LCD displays need to be protected from the weather and varying temperatures but as they are often left unsupervised in unmanned areas they need to be protected from vandalism and theft too.

An outdoor LCD enclosure is an obvious solution for all these challenges for protecting outdoor digital signage. Not only can IP65 waterproof LCD enclosures protect from the weather elements but also many contain cooling and heating elements to ensure optimum internal temperatures.

LCD enclosure are also commonly manufactured from mild steel and fitted with theft proof and anti-vandal measures such as shatterproof glass, tamper proof locks or other security measures.

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