A Summer of Outdoor Screens

This summer has been one of the hottest for a number of years and it has also been one of the most exciting for sport with so many tournaments and championships taking place; from the World Cup to Wimbledon. And as the temperatures have risen on and off the pitch so have the number of screens that are being used outdoors.

Pubs, clubs, sports stadiums, schools, colleges and even city centres are installing large screen TVs to allow people to make the most of the hot weather and the most of the sporting entertainment.

These outdoor TV systems are being installed in all sorts of locations – not just beer gardens or in sports venues. – And people are even installing them in their back gardens and patios.

Outdoor TVs have come a long way since there first use. Originally the only place where an outdoor TV screen was ever to be found was at a sporting venue. These large screens were often smaller LED devices that were stacked to create a large image. At a distance the image on these devices was acceptable; however, anyone standing to close to a big screen LED will notice large pixelation of the image.

Fortunately, technology has moved a long way since that and many outdoor screens provide the same quality image as regular indoor TVs. The HD LCDs and plasmas that we commonly use in our living rooms are now available in outdoor varieties.

And even standard devices can be taken outdoors as long as they are protected from the elements. Often this is achieved with an LCD enclosure which will waterproof eh LCD (or plasma) and will hold almost any size. Often large screen TVs fund in pubs, bars and in public areas are just standard or commercial devices housed in a waterproof LCD enclosure.

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