10 Reasons Why You Need an Industrial Computer Enclosure (Part one)

Industrial computer enclosures are not just used for industrial applications but they can protect any computer, monitor, printer or other electrical device from a myriad of potential hazards.

Industrial computer enclosures are used for all sorts of applications in all sorts of environments from factories, offices, public areas, police stations, food preparation areas, hospitals and schools. The protection offered against certain elements such as water and dust can easily be guaranteed by the IP rating or NEMA code afforded to them.

Here is a list of the ten most common reasons people buy an industrial computer enclosure:

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10. Cheaper and More Flexible Than an Industrial Computer

If a computer is needed in a heavy industrial environment the only alternative to an industrial computer enclosure is an intrinsically sealed industrial computer. However, these machines are highly expensive not just in the actual cost of the machines, which can be astronomical but also in te production downtime that will result if the machine ever goes down and a service engineer has to be called. As an industrial computer enclosure contains just a standard PC, any repair, upgrade or replacement can easily be done in-house.

9. Hygiene
In some environments that computers are tasked to work in such as food preparation areas or pharmaceutical manufacture, the entire area has to be kept spotlessly clean. A stainless steel industrial computer enclosure can be wiped and washed down alongside the rest of the equipment ensuring the area is completely hygienic.

8. Vandal proof
Computers are now frequently used in public areas such as information booths or point of sale devices. Unfortunately not everybody in the world is considerate about other people’s property and some even take considerable pleasure in damaging somebody else’s property which is why many public computers are placed in an industrial computer enclosure, many of which are completely vandal proof and are even used in police custody suites.

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