10 Reasons Why You Need an Industrial Computer Enclosure (Part two)

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7. Theft

For computers kept in vulnerable areas an industrial computer cabinet or computer safe will protect any equipment from being stolen. PC safes are used not just by administrators who have computers in vulnerable areas but also for machines that have valuable data on them.

6. Data protection

Due to the Data Protection Act administrators now have a legal obligation to protect people’s personal data and a computer safe or computer cabinet is an added protection not just for the valuable data but also legally in that reasonable measures need to be taken to ensure the data is secure.

5. Dust

One of the most common reasons for computer failure is dust. Dust has several negative effects on a computer. It can block filters causing the machine to overheat and can also clog up drives. Furthermore as dust can constitute literally any substance, including conductive material, it can also short circuit PCB’s. Dust can even cause explosions; a spark from an electrical item can ignite a dust cloud particularly if it contains metallic or organic material.

For dust protection industrial computer enclosures are rated to European IP and international NEMA standards such as IP 54 or NEMA 4. Some industrial enclosures are also safe to use in volatile or explosive atmospheres and adhere to the EU’s ATEX system.

4. Water

Water and fluids are another common reason for computer failure. Even small splashes of water can permeate a computer’s enclosure causing short circuits or other permanent damage. The European IP rating and NEMA codes also guarantee against water permeation. An IP 65 industrial computer enclosure

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