10 Reasons Why You Need an Industrial Computer Enclosure (Part three)

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  3. 10 reasons why you need an industrial computer enclosure part three

3. Heavy impacts.

Computers that are tasked to work in industrial or manufacturing areas are often at risk of being impacted by other machines. Forklifts and pallet trucks can destroy a computer, monitor or printer with even the slightest of knocks. Industrial computer enclosures are often made reinforced steel and can withstand violent impacts and severe knocks. Industrial computer enclosures can even withstand explosions or dramatic events such as roof or a wall collapsing.

Extreme temperatures

Many industrial areas contain machines and processes that generate a lot of heat. Industrial computers are often sometimes needed in areas with furnaces or other high temperature environments. Heat can have catastrophic effects on a computer. Computer processors are already running at such a temperature that most computers need fans to keep them cool if the environmental heat is too high then these fans can’t cope and the processor can burn out. Industrial computer enclosure designed to work in high temperatures have insulation to prevent to much build up of heat and also contain extra fans and other cooling equipment.
Sometimes computers are faced with the opposite extreme and are required to work in chillers and freezer lockers. In this scenario the industrial computer enclosures are fitted with heaters to ensure any locked-moisture does not freeze and therefore expand causing damage to the processor or electronics.

Extending computer life

Even if a computer is not required to operate in am industrial area a computer cabinet can lengthen the life of a PC considerably. Even for office or home based machines dust and moisture are still about and can penetrate a standard computer’s enclosure. Removing the side of any PC tower that hasn’t been open for a few months will reveal clumps of dust which are slowly but surely clogging up the machine. While most mass-produced computers are not designed to last more than three or four years and industrial computer enclosure can treble that, ensuring the machine is working even after a decade of use.

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