Why Buy an Industrial Computer?

Automation of production lines is an effective method of increasing productivity, increasing efficiency, reducing cost and reducing waste; essential in the current financial climate.

When it comes to computers, monitors, printers, touchscreens and the other types of sensitive electronics, then there are many areas in industrial processes that are not suitable. Dust, dirt, heavy impacts and the liberal use of water in some areas makes using a conventional PC impossible. These hostile elements will finish off any conventional machine in next to no time.

Many IT administrators for industrial areas automatically think the solution to this problem is to but a rugged, solidstate, waterproof and dustproof industrial computer. However, while these machines offer plenty of protection from many of these industrial elements there are drawbacks.


Industrial PC’s are very expensive. These machines are built with little or no moving parts and the manufacturing processes means that even the least expensive industrial computer will cost several thousands.


Industrial computers are normally intrinsically sealed units to prevent any ingr4ess of dust or water. Unfortunately this makes them impossible to repair or upgrade simply. If the machine goes down then a specialist engineer has to be called or the machine has to be sent make to the supplier. The cost in downtime from this could be catastrophic.

Outdated Technology

Because of the lack of flexibility of these machines, many industrial computers are built using outdated but trusted technology. Many use older versions of operating systems and the components, while highly reliable do not offer the computing power or efficiency of even a cheap desk top computer.


A cheaper, more flexible and more efficient alternative is to by a convetional computer, with the specifications you require for the task and house the unit in an industrial computer enclosure. These industrial computer cabinets can offer the same protection as industrial computers (and often better protection) but cost a fraction of the price. And if the machine does go down or needs upgrading then the unit can be removed from the enclosure in minutes and replaced or repaired.

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