What Type of Enclosure – Protecting Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor advertising is a thriving industry, helped in part, by the rise of digital out of home (Dooh) that is now becoming almost as popular in outdoor locations as it is indoors.

Outdoor digital signage is a thriving sector of the outdoor advertising industry, taking up nearly a fifth of all outdoor installations – and that market share is growing.

The use of screens in outdoor advertising that owes much of its rise to the falling price and increased protection these flat screen TVs. There are now waterproof and outdoor TV screens that can be taken into the open air and operate perfectly satisfactory no matter what the weather.

There has also been a rise in outdoor digital signage enclosures that protect the device from unwanted attention from vandals and thieves and also adds to the all-weather protection.

Indeed, there are now outdoor LCD enclosures available that do away with the need for using an outdoor or waterproof TV, the enclosures themselves offer all the weather protection required.

These LCD enclosures are great cost savers as they allow standard LCD TVs – the same types of commercial grade screens used in indoor locations – to be used in outdoor locations and still be protected from the rain.

In fact, the protection that an outdoor LCD enclosure offers even supersedes that of an outdoor TV.  LCD enclosures are not only waterproof and sealed to prevent an ingress of dust and other airborne debris, but they often contain climatic systems such as additional circulation fans to ensure the heat is transferred away from the LCD, keeping the temperature inside the enclosure at an optimum.

In colder climates, heaters can be installed inside an LCD enclosure – or where there is extreme heat, air conditioning can be used to maintain the optimum temperature.

LCD enclosures are often solid steel so they also provide a good physical barrier against impacts and damage. And the best part about using an LCD enclosure is yet to come – the cost.

The combined cost of an LCD enclosure housing a standard commercial grade screen will be a lot less than the price of an outdoor or weatherproof TV, and furthermore, as LCD enclosure provide the ideal environment for LCD’s to operate inside – they can extend their lifespan even past the manufacturers prediction.

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