Advantages of Steel Enclosures for Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor digital signage is a huge market with increasing potential for many businesses and advertisers. Making use of public space to promote and drive sales has been part of the advertising industry for generations but now the static signs and displays are slowly being replaced by the dynamic properties of digital signage.

But he challenges faced by outdoor digital signage installations are numerous and it can be a daunting task to negotiate all the pitfalls.

There are so many decisions to make; choosing the screens, ensuring readability, waterproofing and other weather protection. Often, many of these challenges can be overcome with using the right enclosure for the screen.

Choosing what type of LCD enclosure or other protective housing can go a long way in cutting down the need for other protection.

For example, a waterproof LCD enclosure will prevent the need and high costs of requiring a waterproof TV. The enclosure will do all the work protecting the housed TV from water and moisture, allowing a standard commercial grade screen to be used instead.

But protection in outdoor locations requires more than just weatherproofing. Most outdoor digital signage screens are left exposed in unsupervised areas and can therefore become a tempting target for vandals.

Steel is the perfect material for an LCD enclosure because while it can be manufactured to be weatherproof (often to international standards such as NEMA 4 or IP65) but also it provides the best solution for all round physical protection.

A steel LCD enclosure will offer a rugged solution that will ensure that your outdoor digital signage screens don’t fail due to impact damage caused by vandalism. This in turn will ensure that added investment is not needed to repair or replace the screen, which can decrease the likelihood of getting a return on your investment.

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