What Screens can LCD Enclosures Accommodate?

A common question often encountered by customers looking to embark on outdoor digital signage, an outdoor TV or an outdoor information screen, is what type of screen can be placed inside?

There is of course, a wide variety of different types of televisions available. Not only can you choose between plasma, LCD and LED backlights (brighter and lower powered LCD’s), but also amongst a myriad of different sizes of screen available, from 20” all the way to 70”, and with high brightness and HD, and 3D now available, the choices are seemingly limitless.

Fortunately, because most modern TVs are built to the Video and Electronics and Standards Association (VESA) nearly any consumer or commercial grade TV can be fitted inside an LCD enclosure, whether its and LCD, plasma, 3D, HD or combinations of such, from sizes as small as 24” all the way to 70”.

Even touch screens can be housed in an LCD type enclosure, and no matter what type of device is enclosed, it will be comprehensively protected from the weather, impact and temperature.

This is the real advantage of an LCD enclosure, not only are you afforded all the protection an outdoor TV would offer (and beyond when it comes to physical protection), but you have complete freedom in what device you wish to install in it.

As an LCD enclosure also lasts for years, far longer than whatever TV you finally opt for will—most LCD and plasma screens have a life of about 5 years, although an LCD enclosure will possibly lengthen this—so you can install a replacement whenever it is needed.

This means that when the next generation of LCD TVs come out, you will not need to replace the LCD enclosure, or even remove it from the wall or the mounts, but can be upgraded by simply taking the old screen out, and installing the new one in

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