Weatherproof LCD Screens – Any Make, Any Model Waterproofed

With a veritable explosion of LCD and plasma screens over the last decade there is now an almost unlimited choice of make, size and models. From small compact 10” screens for bedrooms to giant 70” displays used in out of the home as digital signage.

And modern flat screen devices are not just used indoors, either. Outdoor digital signage and the use of information screens in outdoor locations is growing in popularity as advertisers try and take advantage of the large audiences in outdoor locations, while transport companies and other industries are able to communicate with customers using the technology.

To operate outdoors, these devices need to be resistant to the weather. For a weatherproof LCD screen there are really two options:

Weatherproof LCD TVs are one solution. There are several manufacturers of waterproof TVs and they come in a variety of sizes but they are not a comprehensive solution. To start with, if the screen is to be used outdoors, in an unsupervised location, they will need protecting in case of vandalism or accident. Secondly, while these devices have wide temperature ranges they can’t handle extreme locations such as when temperatures are regularly below zero, or in areas where extreme heat is common.

LCD Enclosures are an alternative solution. The great advantage of an outdoor LCD enclosure is that it can house almost any make, model or size of screen and protect it, comprehensively, from the outdoor elements.

Whether it is a plasma or LCD, large size or small, portrait orientation, or landscape – it can be housed in an LCD enclosure and weatherproofed. This means that no matter what type of screen is needed or sourced it can be taken outside and used as outdoor digital signage or an outdoor information screen.

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