Outdoor Digital Signage – Saving Money with an LCD Enclosure

Using an outdoor screen for promotion, advertising or other marketing makes a lot of sense. As an advertising medium outdoor digital signage is extremely effective; stark, bold, versatile and flexible, modern outdoor digital advertising is far more engaging and noticeable than standard outdoor advertising.

But the downside to outdoor digital signage is that there is often a large investment required before any campaign can begin.

Choosing a screen that is bright enough for an outdoor environment, is protected from the rain and other elements, and is guarded against vandals and thieves, all costs money which can make any potential return extremely difficult or time consuming to achieve.

Outdoor screens are falling in price but they are still highly expensive, costing many times more than a similar-sized commercial grade screen, and the protection offered by these devices tends to only concentrate on waterproofing and offers little in vandal and impact protection. And these are areas where screens are particularly vulnerable, any outdoor display left unsupervised or unmanned needs to be adequately protected from impact otherwise a replacement will be required anytime somebody pays the device some unwanted attention.

All this adds to the initial outlay for an outdoor digital signage project and by the time you have sourced the outdoor screen and protective enclosure, the cost can already have amassed into several thousands – and you still have to generate the content.

Cutting down on this initial investment, whilst still providing the same standard of protection against the outdoor environment and any attempts at vandalism, is possible by investing in an outdoor LCD enclosure.

LCD enclosures will provide all the necessary weather and impact protection, enabling a standard commercial grade screen – not specifically designed for outdoor use – to be taken in any outdoor environment.

An LCD enclosure will prevent any outdoor elements from penetrating inside the enclosure and getting to the device, and the solid steel construction provides all the necessary physical protection.

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