Ways to Get Noticed – Creating that Different Digital Signage Campaign

Digital advertising has been around for quite a few years now. It is now a ubiquitous medium found everywhere from outdoor digital signage on the high street to the digital poster in shopping malls, retail units and even doctor’s offices.

It has become so common that one of the fundamental reasons for investing in digital signage – that it is new and more engaging than traditional print media – is no longer relevant.

People are now just as used to digital screens being used for advertisements ass they are print media so it is now just as easy for people to switch off and deliberately ignore the messages.

Getting Noticed

Coming up with a digital signage system that is different enough to get noticed, is now a vital aspect of any planned digital advertising or signage campaign. And there are three weapons in the digital advertiser’s arsenal that can achieve this:

• Content
• Location
• New Innovation


Content is key to any campaign but the more unique, colourful and eye-catching that you can make it the more noticeable it will be. Content should never be the same for every location.

Outdoor digital signage requires a different approach to indoor campaigns with different colors and approaches used to make it more noticeable.

Sound is also another option for drawing attention to a screen but it is a double edged sword. Repetitive jingles and slogans can become annoying and are not permitted in many locations but something the use of sound can be of benefit.


Another tool for getting noticed is choosing the right location. This means finding the area with the greatest footfall of passing audience. This may not be indoors so, think about the passing trade outside and the benefits an outdoor digital signage system will bring there.

Other aspects of the location to think about are the height of the screen and the angle it is facing. Work out where the audience is coming from and site the screen in an unmissable location directly facing them so it is impossible to avoid.


New innovations in the digital signage world are springing up all the time. Try and experiment with new ideas and technologies. They may not always work but by continually attempting to increase the effectiveness of your signage campaign you may hit upon a method that can generate a real increase in viewers.

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