Waterproof Products from Armagard

Computers, printers and displays are a necessity for so many tasks. Few businesses operate without using computers and screens, while institutions like schools and hospitals need computers and screens for record management a communication.

Some locations, however, are not suitable environments for standard IT hardware and often this means that using devices in these areas is prohibitive. Wash down locations such as food-processing plants are one such location. In these areas, any hardware needs waterproofing.

Armagard’s computer, monitor and printer enclosures enable the use of standard hardware in all sorts of environments. In wet and wash down locations, these PC enclosures provide protection from water and liquids with stainless steel enclosures ensuring no corrosion.

The enclosures also maintain stable temperatures enabling use even in chillers, freezers and hot houses.

Waterproof computer keyboards and mouse pointing devices provide the input devices, and these two can withstand liquids, splashes and wash down.

Screens used for communication can also be protected with LCD enclosures, which come in a wide range of sizes and can accommodate nearly any make and model of standard TV device. Ideal for digital signage in industrial, manufacturing or factory environments, LCD enclosures also provide an inexpensive method outdoor digital signage.

Medical Equipment

In hospitals, clinics, dentists and other medical environments, the need to clean equipment is essential to reduce the spread of hospital-acquired infections. A computer keyboard and mouse can easily spread infection because different users often use the same equipment; a keyboard and mouse can harbour more germs than a toilet seat so a solution is essential.

Most computer keyboards and mouse systems can’t be cleaned effectively; however, Armagard’s range of medical keyboard and mouse devices are designed to limit bacterial build-up and can be washed clean with both water and anti-bacterial solutions.

Washable and medical keyboards are now an essential part of infection control in many medical locations.


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