Waterproof Outdoor LCD TVs for a Fraction of the Price

There has been a huge trend in recent years for digital outdoor entertainment. Whether it is because of global warming, smoking bans or just a cultural shift, many bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants are now installing outdoor TV systems.

Often outdoor speaker systems are used and connected to a waterproof LCD TV to create a total outdoor TV entertainment system. However, this type of technology is not cheap and even a small 32” outdoor LCD TV will cost somewhere in the region of $3,000 and when it comes to public entertainment – size can really matter.

70” LCD and plasma screens are now commonplace and are the ideal size for public entertainment, but unfortunately few manufacturers produce waterproof or outdoor TVs of these sizes and the few devices that are available cost in excess of $50,000.

And while the global pub, bar and restaurant trade is suffering financially this initially outlay could take a considerable amount of time to recoup, even if your fantastic new giant TV brings in the crowds.

However, a far less expensive and more practical solution for outdoor TV and outdoor digital signage is available in the guise of outdoor LCD enclosures. These protective environments for screens allow standard TV devices to be used safely in outdoor locations.

Fully waterproof and manufactured to the same industry standards such as outdoor TVs (IP66 and NEMA 4) these enclosures even combined with the price of the enclosed TV cost a fraction of the price of an outdoor or waterproof TV.

Furthermore, nearly any size LCD or manufacturer of LCD (or plasma) screen can be installed inside these outdoor LCD enclosures – even giant screens of 70”+.

By connecting an outdoor speaker system to the enclosed LCD TV and entire outdoor TV system can be available and if e outdoor entertainment project fails to bring in the customers the TV can be taken out of the enclosure and used indoors allowing you a cost effective method of testing the market.

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