Want an Outdoor Screen for Your Pub?

An outdoor TV in your pub beer garden will attract more customers and increase turnover. If you show live sporting events on an outdoor screen, such as football matches, you can expect more customers, who will stay longer, potentially spending more on food and drink.

Outdoor Screen Pub
Outdoor TV in a pub beer garden in Birmingham, UK.

As soon as you open your beer garden to the public, you immediately increase your capacity, which you can use to your advantage with outdoor entertainment.

Adding an outdoor TV increases the entertainment value of your pub, strengthening loyalty among your regulars, attracting new customers and encouraging them to stay longer.

Take Your TV Outdoors with Armagard Enclosures

If you have a TV ready to take outdoors, contact Armagard. Our robust enclosures enable you to install a standard TV outdoors. Fully weatherproof and outdoor ready, our enclosures are a ready made solution for your pub garden.

You can install an enclosure on an outside wall or stand, mount your TV on the universal VESA mount and your outdoor TV entertainment is all set.

Picture the scene. The sun’s out, your beer garden is bustling with customers enjoying live sporting events on your outdoor TV, creating a great atmosphere.

Outdoor Screen for Pub
Outdoor TV entertainment in your beer garden adds to the atmosphere.

Plus, if customers know you’ve got an outdoor TV, they’re more likely to make your pub the venue of choice to watch sporting events, potentially bringing friends and family on their next visit and growing your customer numbers.

Outdoor TV entertainment is proven to create new revenue opportunities with additional sales of food and drink. More customers during peak trading hours equals a potential increase in turnover.

Outdoor TV Entertainment Offsets the Smoking Ban 

Since the smoking ban in July 2007, many pub customers, (particularly smokers) prefer to socialise outdoors. Providing them with outdoor entertainment helps keep them for longer — especially when you’re showing televised sporting events.

Outdoor TVs have helped to offset the initial impact of the smoking ban, continuing to keep pubs at the heart of communities. Adding TV entertainment outdoors means your pub will remain a place where all can socialise, without excluding those that smoke.  

You can take a standard LCD or LED TV outside using an outdoor ready enclosure to protect against all the challenges of taking a screen outdoors – potential weather damage, vandalism and theft.

An outdoor screen enclosure enables you to take your TV outdoors cost-effectively when compared with buying a dedicated outdoor TV.

Manufactured using powder coasted mild steel, TV enclosures for outdoor use are robust and secure. As an added benefit, enclosures can be customised to include thermal management to prevent screens from overheating when in daily use.

Your enclosure is easy to maintain, plus you can upgrade your TV when it comes to the end of its life. An outdoor ready enclosure is a cost-effective, easy to manage solution for TV installation outdoors.

Whether you use an old TV, or buy a new one for outdoor use, high brightness screens are recommended. A high bright TV reduces screen glare and reflections, ensuring optimum visibility close up and from a distance.

To give your customers the best viewing experience, Armagard has a range of sunlight readable, outdoor TV solutions.

Ready to Take Your TV Outdoors?

You can expect your outdoor ready Armagard enclosure to last up to a decade, housing several generations of screen and giving you excellent value for money.

For added peace of mind, all Armagard TV enclosures come with a five year guarantee.

To provide outdoor TV entertainment for your pub’s customers, call Armagard today on 0121 608 7226.

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