Want an Outdoor Screen for your Pub?

The pub trade has been in turmoil over recent years. With the economic downturn, smoking bans and people having less money in their pockets, many pubs are closing their doors permanently; others are struggling to turn a profit and turning to food and theme nights to drag the punters in.

Outdoor TV in a beer garden

When the sun’s out, the pub trade gets a slight reprieve, with more customers flocking through the doors; the same can be said for big sports tournaments like the World Cup or UEFA championships.

Making the most of these peak trade events can make the difference to a pub staying in profit by the end of the year, or having to close its doors, permanently.

Following the smoking ban, many pub customers now prefer to socialise outdoors, so providing them with outdoor entertainment helps keep them for longer—especially during these big sporting tournaments.

Outdoor TVs are a great way of keeping customers happy and help generate new trade. The only problem with many outdoor TV systems is the initial cost—often too much of an investment for a struggling publican to justify as they cost many times more than standard TVs.

Of course, a standard LCD TV can’t be taken outside because of the weather; however, they can if they are adequately protected.

An outdoor TV enclosure is a cost-effective method of using standard LCD TVs outside. Housing standard TVs, LCD TV enclosures can be mounted on the wall and ensure the enclosed TV is protected from the weather, as well as providing a secure anti-tamper housing that protects against theft and vandalism.

Whether you use an old TV, or buy a new one for outdoors—high brightness screens are best suited for this task—the cost savings using an outdoor TV enclosure compared to a specific outdoor TV (which will still needs some form of theft and vandalism protection) can be huge.

LCD TV enclosures can also house several generations of screen so you can upgrade and replace the housed LCD whenever needed.

This post was written by Richard N Williams

Richard N Williams

Richard N Williams is a writer and journalist based in Birmingham, UK. He has many years of experience writing about all aspects of the internet and digital technology. He is the author of several technology related books and his articles have appeared in various publications, trade magazines and online journals. Richard N Williams Google+

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