Providing an Outdoor TV for your Home

One of the greatest pleasures for homeowners is the ability to unwind in the garden, patio or backyard during warmer weather, enjoying the sunshine and making most of the fresh air.

With the barbecue and outdoor furniture, we are able to spend a lot of time outdoors, eating, drinking and socializing; however, there are many times when we have to stay inside, regardless of the good weather.

During sporting events, or when popular shows are on TV, we often have to sacrifice an afternoon in the sun to go sit inside and watch TV. Of course, having a television outside could solve these problems, but the costs of outdoor TVs may cause most homeowners to baulk at the idea.

Outdoor TVs are often many times higher than the price of equivalent indoor varieties. For example, a standard 46” High Definition TV costs between $600-$800 dollars, while a similar specification outdoor TV can cost up to $6000.

Of course, you could temporarily take an indoor TV outdoors, but this cannot only be cumbersome and dangerous to try and move such a bulky and heavy item around. And if it suddenly rains, you could find the TV not only fails, but could also become an electrocution hazard.

There is, however, another solution. Outdoor TV enclosures enable standard TVs to be installed in any outdoor environment, both securely and safely, preventing the need for a costly outdoor screen and ensuring a standard device will function properly outside.

Outdoor TV enclosures off complete protection for a standard screen. Not only are they weatherproof and able to withstand rainfall and other weather elements, but they also maintain a steady internal temperature ensuring they can be used even during the hottest periods of summer.

Furthermore, TV enclosures are manufactured from steel so provide solid protection against impact and vandalism. Once mounted securely to a wall, the enclosure can be locked to provide a permanent and secure outdoor TV feature.


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