Vandalism and Outdoor Screens – A Global Problem

There is no denying the popularity of outdoor digital signage. Outdoor screens are now being implemented in all sorts of areas, particularly those with high rates of pedestrians so it is common to see displays in subways, metros and other public transport hubs.

A growing problem for outdoor digital signage and using screens in any outdoor location is the risk of vandalism and defacement.

A recent spate of incidents in the Paris Metro where screens have been smashed, vandalised, defaced and sprayed with graffiti, shows the importance on protecting outdoor displays from this sort of attack.

Importance of Protecting Outdoor Digital Signage

There is a double whammy in a screen becoming the victim of vandalism. Firstly, the cost of repair or replacement will add to the length of time the return on investment takes. The second cost is on the amount of time the screen remains dead – not generating any income whilst broken and looking unsightly.

Whilst no outdoor screen can even be 100% protected from vandalism and malicious attacks, there is a lot that can be done to minimize the impact and effects such actions have.

Outdoor LCD Enclosure

One of the most efficient ways of protecting a screen in an outdoor location from vandalism and impacts is to use an outdoor LCD enclosure. Designed for outdoor use and thus waterproof and able to cope with extreme ambient temperatures these protective enclosures for LCD screens also act as a potential anti-vandalism barrier.

Fitted with shatterproof screens, the actual face of the display is protected from any impact with some toughened glass used by some manufacturers to have been tested against firearms. And the steel used to manufacture these LCD enclosures offer a durability and protection that will prevent even the most tenacious attacker from getting inside the enclosure to damage the display itself.

LCD enclosures are a cost effective solution to ensuring outdoor digital signage and other outdoor displays remain operational no mater what the have to endure.

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