Uses of LCD Enclosures as TV Screen Protection

LCD enclosures are put simply, protective cabinets that house conventional TV screens and allow them to be used outdoors or in locations where the environment makes the normal use of TV screens prohibitive.

Most shop-bought TV screens are designed for use in stable, warm and dry environments such as the home or office; however, there are plenty of applications, uses and reasons to use a screen outside these sorts of environments.

As modern TV screens are flatter and lighter than their CRT forerunners they are incredibly versatile and can be mounted on walls, ceilings or on stands and mounts. These LCD (Liquid Crystal Displays) and plasma type screens are commonly used as information displays in public places such as railway platforms, bus stations and outside airports.

Another outdoor use for modern TV screens is outdoor digital signage—the use of TV screens for advertising, promotion and marketing. Outdoor digital signage is becoming increasingly popular and it is now a common sight along high streets and retail parks.

Screens are also commonly being taken outdoors for watching TV on. Due to smoking bans, better weather or just a growing trend to socialise outdoors, many bars and pubs are installing TVs in their beer gardens and patios. And even some homeowners are installing TVs in their back yards to provide entertainment during barbecues and patio parties.

All these applications require the screens to be protected, and not just from the weather. While rain and other weather elements are obviously a potential hazard outdoors, so is the sun, seasonal temperature variations and risk of theft r deliberate damage.

Many people using TV screens for these applications look to LCD enclosures as a form or comprehensive protection. An LCD enclosure will keep any type of modern LCD or plasma protected from the weather, will provide a controllable temperature inside the enclosure and protect the TV from impacts, enabling safe, secure and reliable outdoor use which is also cost effective in comparison to other outdoor TV solutions.

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