Industrial and Outdoor Protection for Digital Displays

Since the introduction of flatscreen display technology there has been a huge boom in the use of these LCD and plasma displays outside the home for advertising and information reasons.

The reasons for this boom in out of home advertising and digital signage can be put down to several factors but some of the main ones are:

* Dramatic fall in price of LCD and plasma displays

* Traditional advertising methods are becoming less effective due to the internet and increased television channels

* The newness and dynamic nature of digital signage is appealing to consumers

But this digital signage also known as moving billboards or digital advertising is not just being erected in shopping malls and indoor retail parks. There is a place for this new media in almost any organisation with digital signage systems being used in outdoor locations and even industrial, harsh or hostile environments.

Obviously these devices need to be protected from the elements such as the weather in outdoor locations; and dust and other hazards in industrial locations. This is where the LCD enclosure is most often used.

LCD enclosures are protective cabinets for outdoor digital signage and industrial applications. Not only do these display enclosures protect from rain, snow, dust, grease, oil and wash down environments they are also equipped with climatic control systems to allow their use in extreme temperatures. They are also constructed from solid steel so can protect against heavy impacts, vandalism and theft.

LCD enclosures are used worldwide in outdoor locations and anywhere where a standard LCD or plasma device needs to be protected from the elements. This has enabled a multitude of different types of business take advantage of the benefits a digital signage system can offer.

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