Types of Armagard Enclosure

Identifying the need for protecting standard devices like computers, monitors and printers, Armagard began producing protective enclosures for all sorts of equipment nearly two decades ago.

Technology has advanced exponentially over the last two decades, and Armagard have had to ensure their products match the ever-changing face of modern technologies. One of the biggest changes over the last decade or so has been the rise of the flat screen television.

Few people still use CRT monitors and TVs with LCD and plasmas now being ubiquitous in both consumer and commercial uses. For this reason, Armagard began producing their LCD enclosure range, designed to accommodate these modern screens, and come in all the major screen sizes.

LCD enclosures are incredibly popular, primarily because of the rise of outdoor digital signage and the increase in use of information screens, but all sorts of other enclosures exist in Armagard’s range too.

Computer enclosures are still a common requirement in some locations such as factory floors and industrial units. While industrial computers can operate in harsh environments, they often don’t provide enough flexibility and cooperation with IT systems already used around the office, which is why so many people turn to standard PCs and house them in an Armagard enclosure.

Printer’s too, struggle to operate in locations outside of offices and home environments, and have traditionally been unable to work in location where temperatures are close to zero. Armagard’s printer enclosure range not only allows printer use in dusty and wet environments, but heated printer enclosures mean even chillers and freezer locations can use printers.

Security is another reason people turn to an Armagard enclosure. Computer safes and anti-vandal LCD enclosures help protect valuable assets from theft and abuse.

Armagard Computer Enclosure

Armagard Computer Safe

Armagard Printer Enclosure

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