Industrial Computer: Coping With Water

Computers are now as essential a part of production lines as they are in office environments. A computer running a production line will save money, increase efficiency and reduce waste.

Unfortunately many production lines are unsuited for the delicate electronics of a computer. Not only can production lines be dirty and full of dust many areas, particularly food preparation and processing ones, are often regularly washed down.

You do not need to be a computer expert to realise that water and computers do not mix well together. Even a few splashes of water can penetrate a computer’s housing and permanently disable the components inside.

In food preparation environments water is liberally used to clean and sterilise areas and if a conventional PC was used it wouldn’t last more than one shift.

Waterproof industrial computers
are available but these expensive machines are built using out dated technology and offer very little flexibility, especially when they need to be repaired or upgraded.

Fortunately waterproof computer enclosures are designed and built to the same European and International guidelines as bespoke industrial PC’s. These waterproof computer cabinets are usually rated IP65 or NEMA 4 and are able to not only withstand the odd splashes but also total wash-down. Often these PC cabinets are built in food grades stainless steel, ideal for food preparation areas, and can be washed down alongside the rest of the working areas.

These sealed units offer greater flexibility than a bespoke waterproof computer as the housed PC can be a simple off-the-shelf processor or something more specific for the needs of the processes the machine will be controlling.

These waterproof computer enclosures often come with washable keyboards and mice too allowing compete freedom in wash-down environments.

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