The Value of Outdoor Digital Signage

When people consider using outdoor digital signage, one thing that is an important factor in the decision-making is whether the investment is going to be worth it. There is little point spending money on an outdoor display if it fails to increase sales (if advertising) or generates enough customer satisfaction to make it worthwhile.

Assessing the value of an outdoor digital signage display is not easy, however, as many different factors can affect the net results. If a promotion is of value to customers, it could be difficult to decide if outdoor digital signage is any more effective than a static advertisement, unless of course both methods are split-tested.

After all, the biggest asset to any outdoor advertisement is probably not the medium but the location and a large prominent sign displaying a static promotion may just as likely receive as many views as a digital variety, so why bother?

The true value of outdoor digital signage lies with its ability to provide multiple adverts from the same spot, something static media can’t so. So rather than just promote one item, a store or advertiser can promote several, increasing sales across a product range.

Another value of using outdoor digital signage is the speed at which content can be changed. With a static campaign, new content may take weeks to come back from the printers and as much time to replace all the old content, especially if the adverts are over a wide area.

With outdoor digital signage, uploading new content is almost immediate so even if a display is situated at the front of dozens of stores in locations across the country, the content can be instantly changed.

Other aspects to outdoor digital signage that adds value is the ability to experiment with new content, allowing trial runs on promotional items or adverts, enabling the marketing managers to establish what works and what doesn’t. An outdoor digital sign also raises the profile of a business, adding a touch of modernity and sophistication above that of static media.

Outdoor digital signage can add value to all sorts of businesses, not just retailers with its ability to provide instant up-to-the-minute information, helping to keep customers informed and happy.

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