The Manufacturing of Protective Environments…Part 1

When it’s cold, most of us add an extra layer and dress warmer. If it’s hot we may slip into shorts and a t-shirt, whilst if it’s raining we may use an umbrella to prevent us from getting wet. Likewise when it comes to working in hostile conditions protective workwear is often worn to protect normal clothes and prevent injury.

But it is not just people that need to be protected from the elements. Many electrical devices that are used in outdoor or factory locations need to be protected too. These can range from outdoor digital signage screens to computer systems used in industrial premises.

Unlike conventional equipment that are used in offices and homes, having to operate in outdoor locations or in industrial areas requires protecting the devices from multiple elements and potential hazards.

For instance in outdoor locations, an LCD TV screen used as a digital signage device will need protection from the rain, snow and other weather elements. However, there is also more to consider for any device that has to operate outdoors.

There are the temperature extremes to think about; both excessive hot and cold can disable many electrical devices and also direct sunlight can have a damaging effect on something like an LCD screen. There is also the security of the device to consider too, vandals and thieves are an unfortunate aspect of life but they still need to be considered when implementing an outdoor display device or digital signage system.

When it comes to factory of industrial areas then other considerations need to be taken into account. Dust and airborne debris can disable many devices such as computers, printers or screens plus there is the risk of heavy impacts, vibration damage not to mention liquids, oils and greases sploshing around.

To Be Continued…

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