The Digital Billboard – How TVs are Replacing Fly Posters

Street advertising has long been part of the aesthetics of our high streets. From bus shelters, walls to lampposts, blank spaces are constantly utilised by advertisers and promoters.

And why not? After-all, following the initial outlay of printing and posting, once they are up, a billposter, bill board or other hoarding will be seen by thousands of people.

This street mass marketing has long been part and parcel of our lives, but now less and less fly posters and billboards are being used as a more dynamic and eye-catching method of street advertising has arrived.

Digital signage, digital billboards or out of home advertising, are terms relating to the use of TV devices like LCD and plasma screens for the purposes of screening advertising and information content.

And outdoor digital signage is starting to revolutionise the high street. With traditional fly posters not being popular, due to the common practice of sticking them to places without permission and the unsightly paper residue often left behind, outdoor digital signage is a far more attractive and engaging form of advertising.

And thanks to the protective qualities of many outdoor digital signage enclosures that defend from both weather elements and unwanted attention from vandals and thieves they can be placed almost anywhere.

Outdoor digital signage is springing up all over the place from bus shelters to the top of taxi cabs. And as these digital billboards are more engaging and eye-catching than traditional fly posters and bill boards, the initial cost of introducing a screen for outdoor use can soon bring a return on investment.

And as the costs of LCD and plasma screens continue to fall the amount of outdoor digital signage is expected to increase. And while standard TVs need to be protected growing number of installers place these standard, inexpensive machines inside protective waterproof LCD enclosures which not only prevent the elements from damaging the digital billboard but also stave off attacks from vandals, thieves and accidental damage.

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