Step-by-step: Implementing Digital Signage for Beginners

There are few people who are now aware of digital signage. Modern electronic billboards, digital posters and other signage displays are now cropping up all over the place with installs regularly seen in shopping malls, high street store frontages, concourses and even outside restaurants as electronic menu boards.

It seems that everybody is getting involved with this fascinating new advertising and information medium and many retailers and businesses are feeling anxious about missing out.

Is Digital Signage for you?

Most businesses can benefit in someway from digital signage but that doesn’t necessarily mean that yours will but there a whole host of industries that find this new medium a great way of increasing brand awareness, advertising or passing on general information to their customers, including:

  • Retailers
  • Entertainment/leisure industry
  • Restaurants/cafes
  • Casinos
  • Transportation

Choosing the screen and enclosure

By far the best solution for screen use is a commercial grade LCD. Commercial grade TVs are designed to be left on for longer periods of time than regular LCD devices However, often there needs to be protection such as additional cooling fans installed inside the LCD enclosures to provide additional cooling and heating to ensure the optimum operating temperatures. For outdoor digital signage the LCD enclosure also needs to be waterproof with some anti-vandal measures too.

Choosing the right location

Location is vital with digital signage and the entire campaign can become a success of failure depending on where the screens are placed. As with any advertising, DS screens are only effective as the number of people who view them. All screens should be placed in the most noticeable position if possible. A great way to ensure your signs are not going unnoticed is to place them in areas where the audience is captive (such as in a point of sale queue)

Choosing content

Content is king with digital signage. No matter how attractive the screen and enclosure is, how prominent the location is, it will all fall down if the content is not strong enough. Digital advertising content should be colourful, bold, vibrant and contain simple easy to digest messages.

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