Step-by-Step – Erecting a Screen Outdoors

There are numerous reasons for using a modern flat screen TV outside, whether it’s for outdoor entertainment, watching the TV in the backyard; outdoor information screens, providing real-time information and content; or outdoor digital signage, providing a modern approach to outdoor advertising.

Placing a screen outdoors does come with some challenges, however, particularly with protecting the device from the weather and attempts at theft and vandalism.

Nearly any LCD or plasma screen can be used outside, even those designed solely for home use, the key to their outdoor use it to ensure they are properly waterproofed and protected. Outdoor LCD enclosures provide just such protection and enable almost make and model of TV to be used in an outdoor environment.

To provide a TV outside for outdoor digital signage or other uses, there are several steps to be undertaken:

Step 1 – Source the screen. As an LCD enclosure can house and protect any size or make of screen this choice is down to you. It could be a commercial grade screen as a large as 70” – ideal for outdoor digital signage or a smaller consumer grade plasma screen for outdoor TV viewing – even an older screen already used around the home can be used.

Step 2 – Install the LCD enclosure. LCD enclosures can be fastened flush against a wall, mounted on a pedestal or on a wall/ceiling bracket.  Once erected the steel enclosure is lockable and secure and should protect the screen from theft and vandalism.

Step 3 – Install the TV. Most manufacturers of LCD enclosure provide industry standard VESA mounts to ensure any screen can be housed inside the enclosure. Once the enclosure is closed and locked then the screen can function without drama protected as it is from the weather, temperature and impact by the LCD enclosure.

LCD enclosures are a cost effective and simple method if installing a screen outside for almost any purpose, enabling 24 hour-a-day use for outdoor digital signage or for backyard TV viewing, providing a rugged and secure solution.

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