Simple and Inexpensive High Street Digital Signage Systems

Digital signage systems have expanded quite dramatically in recent years. TV systems are now being used to provide marketing messages and information in out of home locations. Predominately this digital signage is used in areas such as shopping malls, schools colleges and hospitals. However, increasingly more and more outdoor applications utilising LCD and plasma technology are being implemented.

High streets, gas stations, shop frontages and tourist attractions are amongst the types of locations where outdoor digital signage is now being implemented. The advantages of digital outdoor signage over indoor systems, is that the LCD or plasma device will be seen by far more people. However, there are disadvantages to using these types of devices in outdoor locations, namely the weather elements that can permanently damage the device.

Waterproof LCD TVs and outdoor TV systems are now available in most sizes of TV screen. These outdoor LCD TVs protect the TV system from rainfall but do come with a hefty price tag.

A far more inexpensive and flexible solution is to place the TV device in an outdoor LCD enclosure. These waterproof TV enclosures allow the safe use of any standard or off-the-shelf LCD TV in outdoor conditions.

Not only do LCD enclosures protect against rainfall but they contain thermostatically controlled heating and air flow systems to ensure the perfect working environment inside the enclosure.

LCD enclosures can also be reused. Long after the life of the TV system has expired the enclosure can be used to re-house another TV system. Outdoor LCD enclosures can also offer protection in hazardous environments and can even protect an LCD TV in wash down environments.

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