LCD Enclosures and Outdoor Digital Signage Systems

Outdoor digital signage, the use of LCDs and plasma TV’s outside for purposes of advertising and information, is a growing industry. More and more businesses are realising the potential that digital signage can offer, particularly in outdoor locations where there is a potentially huge audience.

High streets, frontages, concourses and the sides of buildings are all increasingly becoming valued spaces for digital signage applications. Compared to conventional 2D images, digital signage offers more eye-catching appeal to passers-by and can increase brand awareness many times better than traditional signage.

However, despite the plummeting cost of LCD and plasma screens there is often a concern over return of investment (ROI) when engaging with a digital signage campaign. This is even more true when it comes to outdoor digital signage as outdoor systems are vastly more expensive that interior systems as the LCD or plasma screens that display the digital signage need to be protected from the elements.

And while outdoor TV’s are available, their cost is not the only concern as leaving any expensive piece of hardware outdoors could result in theft or vandalism, a concern that few outdoor LCD TV’s are able to counter.

Fortunately a far less expensive and more secure method of outdoor digital signage is available in the shape of LCD enclosures. These solid steel LCD cabinets protect against the weather elements whilst also being secure against thieves and vandals, implementing such technologies as anti-shatter screens and anti-pick locks.

LCD enclosures also have the space to contain additional heating and cooling systems, ensuring the enclosed LCD or plasma is kept in the perfect and optimum operating temoperatures.

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