Resurrect Your Easter Attendance with Outdoor Digital Signage

Easter is one of the busiest periods in the Church calendar. A greater number of services, meetings and social events are held at this time of year, and many churches hope to attract new attendees to take part in them. However, it can be a real challenge to do this. Many churches are searching for new and engaging ways to communicate with their communities. In many cases: technology and outdoor digital signage is the answer.

One technological solution is a new website. The internet is a great way to share information of this kind, and the majority of churches now have their own online presence. This can be an extremely helpful way to keep actively interested people up to date, but this type of website tends to only be found by people who are looking for it. Churches still need to find a way to communicate with the less engaged members of their communities.

It’s because of this that there is still a great deal of value in using an onsite communication system. Traditionally, churches have used notice boards or signs with changeable letters, but in the modern age these are not always effective. Luckily, new technology offers a way for churches to communicate in a more engaging manner.

Outdoor digital signage gives churches a workable way to install a digital screen, like a computer or a television, in their grounds. This screen can then be used to share messages and information with passers by: just like a noticeboard but high tech!

Why go digital?

A large number of church organisations are starting to use outdoor digital signage to communicate with their parishes. This is a brilliant way to bring church communications into the 21st century, and to connect with potential new attendees in a modern, engaging way. Churches that are using screens to spread the word are creating more memorable visual impact, getting noticed and generating interest in what they do.

There are a number of ways in which digital signage is more effective than it’s traditional counterpart. Content shared on a screen can be brighter and more colourful, and therefore more eye catching. Scientific studies have shown that the human brain responds quicker to moving images than it does to static displays. An outdoor signage system will enable churches to make the most of this, and to get more attention from passers by.

There is another way that outdoor digital signage triumphs over traditional notice boards or signs: they work harder! Screens are effective twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. They are easy to read both in direct sunlight and in the dark, which means that they can be seen by passers by at any time of day and in all weather types. This means that not only are screens more engaging than traditional signs, they are more likely to be seen.

How does it work?

Outdoor Digital Signage is very noticeable and engaging, but it is also extremely easy to manage. This is a huge benefit for church administrators, as messages can be changed, updated or removed literally at the touch of a button. This can be done over a wired or wireless network at the church, and can even be set up to be done at another location entirely (from the administrator’s home, for example).

Because outdoor digital signage can be updated so easily, messages can be changed more regularly than would be practical with more traditional signs. This is important, as signs that stay the same for a long while often start to be overlooked by passers by. Something that is changing regularly will attract more interest, and will be more effective at bringing in new attendees.

What kind of content can be shared?

When a church uses a digital signage system to communicate with their parish, they are giving themselves the freedom to share a whole variety of content. Screens can be used to display text, photos, slideshows and videos. It is still possible to display text notices such as service times, details of special events, messages and information about important guests. Outdoor digital signage can also be used to share inspirational quotes, readings and psalms.

What makes these screens special is that this content can be shared in a dynamic way. A digital screen solution will enable content to be shown on a rotating basis: meaning that you will be able to share a number of messages on a rotating display. Messages can even be programmed to be shown at different times of day. The possibilities of this are huge! Imagine being able to time messages to be displayed when the type of people you are trying to reach are most likely to be passing. For example, messages about events for children could be shown during the morning school run, and messages about events for youth groups could be shown for teenagers to see on the way home from college.

Another brilliant feature is how easy it is to share both pictures and videos in this format. No longer will churches need to worry that printing colour images on signs is too expensive, and a digital screen also gives them a wonderful way to share video footage from events and performances.

Connect with potential attendees in the way that will be most engaging for them, and hopefully you will see a real difference in the effectiveness of the sign.

Can it benefit the community?

Church organisations may be looking for a communication method that could benefit the entire community. If this is the case, outdoor digital signage can offer a great opportunity for doing this. Unlike a traditional static option, a digital screen can be more than just a sign. A system like this can provide more value, and can become a hub of the community.

A digital signage system could be used to display good news stories from the parish, as well as video footage of big events. The church could also invite other local organisations such as community centres, schools and charities to submit their own messages and displays.

Does it offer value for money?

It goes without saying that value for money is going to be a very important consideration. It is especially vital for a non-profit organisation like a church. Obviously, an outdoor digital signage system is going to involve a bigger initial investment than a more traditional static sign. However, that initial cost can be measured against years of effective service and the benefit to the wider community.

When you invest in outdoor digital signage you can also be sure that you are going to be reducing advertising costs over time. The time and effort that needs to be put into maintaining advertising can be reduced, and printing and design costs can be removed altogether!

Outdoor LCD enclosure

An Outdoor LCD Enclosure Displaying Show Times | Armagard

A further cost-effective way of using digital signage is to mount a screen inside a digital signage enclosure.The benefit of a digital signage enclosure over a complete digital signage solution is that the signage screen itself can be updated as new technology evolves while retaining the enclosure to protect it from the elements and vandalism. This keeps the system current with minimum costs.

All Armagard screens are rated to IP54 standard, and the enclosures designed to make screens appropriate for outdoor use are made from brushed steel and sealed to NEMA 4. These enclosures mean that outdoor digital signage is protected from the elements. They will be secure from rain, snow, wind, dust and heat. Enclosures also enable screens to be securely fastened, either to the ground or to the side of a building. This means they will be protected from vandalism, tampering and extreme force.


Outdoor digital signage offers an effective solution for churches facing the challenge of communicating with their community. Screens can help to make special church events, such as Easter, busier and more rewarding. They keep existing members up to date of new events and last minute changes.

A digital system offers more freedom than traditional signage options. Not only will it allow churches to stand out from the crowd, it will also enable them to react quickly to current events, update messages more frequently, and share different media types with their community.

Why not update your church notice board and see if it can help to resurrect your Easter attendance?

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