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Katie M Anderson is a writer, blogger and consultant based in York, UK.

New Year’s Resolution: New Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor Digital signage is becoming a technology that more and more businesses rely on. Take a walk out of the office, and you’ll see screens sharing information in a large range of places. Train stations, shopping centres, corporate office buildings and even schools are coming to rely on outdoor digital signage to get their message heard. If you’re making plans to move your business forward in 2013: we recommend you make a New Year’s resolution to join the technological revolution and invest in outdoor digital signage

Overheating Digital Signage? Discover Four Ways to Cool AV in Outdoor Environments

With an Armagard custom enclosure there are several products and systems available that will prevent your digital signage from overheating. Investing in a preventative system like this right from day one can reduce the risk of damage to your digital signage and will therefore be extremely cost effective.

Touch screen Information Display system for Sky Sports

Armagard were asked by Sky Sports to provide a custom touchscreen enclosure for their cricket commentators to use during analysis for The Ashes. The two organisations worked very closely together to create a custom information display system that would meet Sky Sports’ needs perfectly.

Cold Storage Printer Solution

There is a way to make any printer work in even the coldest working environments. Armagard’s SPRI-800 Stainless Steel Printer Enclosure can turn any printer into a cold storage printer suitable for use within sub-zero temperatures. The SPRI-800 is a heated freezer printer enclosure that is designed to work effectively in extremely low temperatures. It allows staff to work and print productively, therefore reducing downtime and improving the work environment.

Your first Digital signage checklist – 5 key factors

There are many different kinds of digital signage solutions on the market, and the one that’s right for you will depend on the individual needs and requirements of your company or organisation. Work your way through our digital signage checklist, and you can be sure you’ll end up with the digital signage option that’s just what you need.

Resurrect Your Easter Attendance with Outdoor Digital Signage

A large number of church organisations are starting to use outdoor digital signage to communicate with their parishes. This is a brilliant way to bring church communications into the 21st century, and to connect with potential new attendees in a modern, engaging way. Churches that are using screens to spread the word are creating more memorable visual impact, getting noticed and generating interest in what they do.