Recession Advice – Prolong the Life of your computers

This global recession looks like it may be around for quite a while and as many businesses go to the wall others are looking around for ways to save money. Job losses, wage cuts and three-day-weeks are obvious areas where most companies look to save money, yet making sacrifices in these areas can often have the opposite effect as production and efficiency drops.

Another way companies deal with a recession is to put off any refurbishments, new projects or the replacing of equipment. Again this can have detrimental effects on any business. If the long needed replacements for equipment is delayed, what happens to production if your existing tools fail?

A far better solution is to protect your equipment from the moment it is installed and lengthen its life. One of the areas where vast sums of money can be saved is in the protection of IT equipment.

Due to the mass production and exponential advancing of computer technology, most PC’s and IT devices are only designed to last a couple of years. In nice clean and dry offices machines may last twice this but the moment a computer or piece of IT is moved to the shop-floor, its life will be just a fraction of that due to the dust, fluids and other hostile elements.

Special industrial computers are a possible way of ensuring shop-floor IT lasts but these devices can be extremely expensive and are also not very flexible. They often require service contracts and if the machines do go down the lost production will escalate until the unit is fixed.

One of the least expensive but most efficient ways of using computers in industrial and shop floor environments is to install a conventional off-the-shelf PC inside an industrial computer enclosure.

These computer cabinets will protect a standard PC, monitor, printer and peripherals form the dust, water, extreme temperatures, heavy impacts and other hostile elements of an industrial environment.

Industrial computer enclosures are relatively low cost (especially in comparison to a bespoke industrial computer) but as these cabinets will last for decades and add years to the life of a PC, printer or monitor the savings can mount up to be several thousand per machine.

Industrial computer enclosures are built and designed to European and National rating systems (Nema 4 , IP65, IP54) and are built from a variety of material including food-grade stainless steel.

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