Protection for PC’s an Alternative to Industrial Computers

Computers are now to be found every where from our offices and homes to inside our cars and even washing machines.  Computers are now being tasked to do jobs in all sorts of industry from finance to heavy production plants.

However, not all environments are suited to a computer. Computers are electronic instruments and like any other electrical items they are sensitive to many elements that are found in some of these environments.

Industrial and manufacturing areas have high levels of dust, while food processing plants tend to be awash with water, while other working areas offer equally hazardous environments such as excessive heat or the risk of heavy impact.

Unfortunately computers find many of these elements far too hostile to work in. Most computers are designed and built to reside in offices of homes and are therefore not equipped to deal with excessive dust, water, vapours, grime, grease, high temperatures or heavy impacts.

There specialist rugged and durable industrial computers available but thee tend to run out-dated components and software to keep them reliable and also can cost the Earth. These dedicated solid state machines are also cumbersome to repair or upgrade as they tend to be intrinsically sealed and can only be repaired by service engineers; this often means costly production downtime.

The solution for many industrial computer administrators is to use a standard computer and house it an industrial computer cabinet. These industrial computer enclosures will protect an enclosed PC and monitor from the elements. Many of these enclosures offer national IP rating or NEMA rating which guarantee protection from water, dust and vapour.

The main advantage of an industrial computer cabinet with an enclosed PC is that if offers far more flexibility than a bespoke industrial computer, many of which are lagging behind the specifications of standard desktops. An industrial computer enclosure can house any machine and makes repairing or replacing the unit inside the computer cabinet an easy task.

This not only avoids downtime but also ensures industrial computer administrators have the right equipment with the right specifications for the right job.

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