Looking to Buy an Outdoor TV? Save Money with an Outdoor TV Cabinet

Al fresco living is one of the pleasures of summer. Spending a balmy evening outdoors, with a barbecue or drinks with friends is one of the greatest pleasures of the warmer months.

And as more and more people utilise their outdoor spaces with hot tubs, outdoor furniture and barbecues, placing a TV outdoors is the next logical step.

Outdoor TVs are becoming increasingly popular – watching the match or favourite TV show whilst also enjoying the sunshine may sound compelling but there are difficulties in taking a TV outside.

The weather is perhaps the biggest challenge but there are others too. Any permanent outdoor screen has to be able to be secure enough that it won’t get stolen it also has to cope with the heat of direct sunlight.

For outdoor TVs there are currently three options:

1. Buy an outdoor TV system.

Outdoor TVs are designed for outdoor use so they are therefore able to withstand the weather and temperature variations of an outdoor environment; however, they still need to be secured, and outdoor TVs are incredibly expensive – costing many times more than standard devices – usually running into thousands of pounds.

2. Use and old TV

Another option is to use an old standard TV that you can take out into the back garden whenever you wish to watch TV outside. However, not only can this be a hassle in wheeling the screen in and out the house but also if the weather catches you unawares you could find the TV becoming permanently damaged.

3. Standard TV in an outdoor LCD enclosure

The third option is a far cheaper than buying an outdoor TV system but has all the same practicalities. LCD enclosures can house almost any LCD or plasma device – either an old TV no longer used indoors or a cheap standard device bought solely for the garden. What-is-more, an LCD enclosure is manufactured from solid steel and can be mounted on a wall. As they also have secure locks and shatterproof screens they are protected from attempts at theft too.

LCD enclosures enable nearly anybody to afford to have a TV in their garden or backyard which can be mounted permanently and withstand the weather and temperatures of an outdoor environment.

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