Outdoor TV Security – LCD Enclosure

More and more LCD TV screens are being taken to outdoor locations and used as outdoor digital signage, advertising, information screens or to provide outdoor TV entertainment.

The growing use of such outdoor displays is due, in part, to the falling costs of LCD screens and the various options available for waterproofing and allowing exterior use.

Commercial grade screens in waterproof LCD enclosures are commonly used in outdoor locations; these are not just a cost effective alternative to using an outdoor or waterproof TV, as outdoor LCD enclosures offer far more all-round protection for outdoor digital signage than a waterproof TV.

One of the biggest problems with installing a screen in an outdoor location is not defending from the weather, this is quite obvious and few people would think of installing a commercial grade screen without any waterproof protection, and yet, it is all too common to see outdoor screens erected in unsupervised areas without any physical protection.

Physical protection is just as crucial as all-round weather protection for an outdoor screen as impacts – either accidentally or deliberate – can lead to a damaged, dead, or smashed screen.

LCD TVs are incredibly vulnerable to shock and impact. The screen itself is particularly fragile and even a gentle knock can lead to permanent screen damage while the sensitive electronics inside a TV can also be permanently damaged by an impact.

Indeed, vandalism is one of the biggest factors for damaged screens so ensuring any outdoor TV or digital signage is device is adequately protected is an essential prerequisite for outdoor digital signage.

LCD enclosures have the advantage here in that they are usually manufactured from steel so provide a rugged barrier that can withstand most types of impact. Combined with anti-tamper locks and a shatterproof screen this makes an effective and low budget solution for a vandal proof outdoor screen.

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