Outdoor Screens Made Simple

No longer are TV screens only found in the front rooms and TV parlours. Modern flat screen devices like the LCD TV are commonly used in out of home activities like advertising and digital signage.

And even outside these screens are replacing the billboards and signage commonly associated with outdoor advertising. However, outdoor digital signage does require some highly specialised TV devices to ensure they can withstand the outdoor elements.

An outdoor TV has to be waterproof but also it has to endure cold winters as well as hot summers, and furthermore – any outdoor screen needs to be bright enough to cope with direct sunlight.

All this can add to the cost of an outdoor screen which is why these specialist outdoor LCD TVs, can cost many thousands of dollars.

As with any advertising campaign, a return on investment has to be achieved to make outdoor digital signage worthwhile, but with such a high initial investment – this can take a seriously long time to recoup.

For this reason, many people are put off embarking in outdoor digital signage – despite the many benefits it can offer. However, it doesn’t have to be this way as there is a cost effective, practical and simpler solution to outdoor digital signage.

Outdoor LCD enclosures

LCD enclosures for outdoor use can house standard off-the shelf LCD screens (like the type commonly used for indoor TV use). The advantage of this is the huge cost savings involved. Even with the enclosure, the combined cost will not be a fraction of the price of an outdoor TV screen. But the advantages don’t just stop there.

If anything, an outdoor LCD enclosure will provide even better protection than an outdoor screen. Not only are they waterproof, as an outdoor TV screen is – but an LCD enclosure also contains environmental controls such as heaters, cooling fans and even air conditioning to ensure the optimum conditions inside the LCD enclosure is constant.

LCD enclosures are also more vandal and impact resistant than an outdoor screen meaning the potential for replacement due to vandalism or accidents is reduced –ensuring a quicker return on investment.

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