Outdoor Digital Signage – Where to Place your Screens

With so many digital signs now installed in retail units, stores and in shopping malls it seems you can’t go a hundred yards now without spotting one. However, despite the digital signage industry being around for quite a few years now, it never ceases to amaze at the locations people decide to erect screens.

Either hung too high from the ceiling or angled away from the main thoroughfares, many digital signage screens are placed in the wrong location to be truly effective. And the situation is worse when it comes to outdoor digital signage.

Often companies place screens outside store frontages o other locations and pay no heed to the viewing angle or the sun making the screens almost unreadable during the day.


Location is as important as content when it comes to using LCD screens for advertising and information. If the screen doesn’t jump out and demands to be looked at, then its effectiveness is going to be limited.

Often, with outdoor digital signage the problem is often not to do with the location of the angle of the digital screen but the problems caused by the sun in outdoor locations. Under direct sunlight most LCD screens will become difficult and sometimes impossible to read.

Slight repositioning of the screen to get it out of the sunlight is one solution as is placing a canopy or hood over the device – or alternatively you could invest in a high brightness outdoor TV – although you’ll have to pay the high cost of such a device.

Angle and height

Viewing angle and where the signage screen is placed are also highly important when it comes to getting people to view your digital signage campaign. Often screens are hung too high on a ceiling, flat against a wall or otherwise in a location that isn’t noticeable enough. A screen needs to be at a good viewing angle and hung in a location that is impossible to miss not where you have to be lucky to see it.

Eye-level is best

Eye-level is by far the best method of ensuring your screen gets viewed. Floor standing digital signage systems are great for this because they provide an obstacle that can’t be ignored although quite often they take up more space than alternative systems.

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