Beat the Smoking Ban – Cost Effective Outdoor TVs for Pubs and Bars

With the smoking ban and recent recession, it is no wonder that the pub and bar trade is suffering. An average of six pubs or bars close everyday*– and things don’t expect to get any better for a few years at least.

Temporary reprieves such as the FIFA World Cup, Wimbledon and other sporting events can be a good opportunity to raise profits by showing the big matches on a screen, but since the smoking ban, many customers are choosing to watch these events at home now.

One great way of drawing in the crowds during these events, is to install a TV system outdoors in the beer garden or other location.

Challenges of Outdoor TVs

Using a TV such as a modern LCD or plasma outdoors is not just a case of wheeling the device outside. TV systems like these are normally not designed to operate in an outdoor location as the weather, amongst other elements, will damage or destroy the device.

There are, of course, outdoor TVs on the market that are water and weatherproof but they can be highly expensive – some are ten times the cost of a similar sized standard screen – and if you require a large size (say 70”) then you cold be paying tens of thousands.

So, if regular TVs are too vulnerable to operate outdoor and outdoor televisions are too expensive, is there an alternative?

Outdoor LCD TV Enclosures

Well actually there is a third way. A standard device can be used in an outdoor location, even in the rain, snow, sleet of high temperatures of summer but it does need protecting.

An outdoor LCD enclosure is great solution for outdoor LCD TV viewing. A standard device can be installed in these protective housings – even giant LCD devices up to 70” can be safely enclosed and protected.

The LCD enclosure will act as a weatherproof barrier, preventing rain and other weather elements getting inside the LCD enclosure and damaging the TV. They even house climatic controls to allow the device to be used during a heat wave.

And when you compare the cost of an LCD enclosure combined with a standard TV it is still many times less expensive than using an outdoor TV per se – even when you add the cost of a set of waterproof speakers.

Outdoor LCD enclosure are now being used by pubs and bars up and down the country to provide their customers with outdoor TV entertainment and a welcomed boost in profits to the pub or bar owner.

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