Outdoor Digital Signage to Continue Expansion Through 2011

2010 has been a busy year for the digital signage market with the industry growing far faster than other sectors with digital out of home growing by 16 percent last year – which is extraordinary when you consider the global financial problems of last year.

And the industry is expected to expand further with analysts suggesting continued growth throughout 2011, and driven by several factors:

Firstly, as the effects of the financial recovery become more evident, more money will be driven towards marketing increasing the investment in digital advertising and outdoor digital signage.

Secondly, as the businesses move away from traditional methods of promotion and advertising, digital signage will continue to be a cheap and effective advertising and promotional medium.

Thirdly, despite being the fastest growing sector in the digital out of home (Dooh) market, there is still plenty of room for expansion for outdoor digital signage. Currently, only 16 percent of outdoor signs (in the UK) are digital and as more businesses see the benefit of going outdoors with their digital signage, then this market share is expected to dramatically increase in 2011.

Outdoor digital signage has many benefits for advertisers and marketers alike: with less competition in the way of other digital screens, advertisers find getting noticed is far easier outdoors than in. Also, as audience figures are always potentially higher in an outdoor location, more people get to see the content than in a comparative indoor system and outdoor digital screens are a great way of drawing people into a store, rather than selling to those already inside.

There is no need to think of digital outdoor signage as being an expensive endeavour, either. A simple commercial grade screen and an LCD enclosure is all that is required to ensure safe and reliable operation as the LCD enclosure will protect the screen from the weather, temperature and impacts.

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