Outdoor Digital Signage – Things to realise before you begin

Outdoor digital signage is one of the fastest growing advertising and marketing sectors. There are now an almost limitless number of locations where screens are erected outside – and for a huge number of applications:

• Advertising
• Marketing
• Brand Awareness
• Information
• Warnings

Outdoor digital signage is everywhere along the high street from bus stops to large floor mounted advertising screens in the middle of the pavement but how do you get started and is outdoor digital signage easy to employ?

Well the answer is – it depends. For outdoor digital signage there are a number of hardware items that are required; primarily a TV and some sort of media playing device but there is also the protection to think of.

Outdoor digital signage has to endure elements and temperatures that an indoor screen doesn’t and this is the primary challenge.

Weather elements

Obviously any outdoor screen has to be waterproof to ensure that the rain doesn’t infiltrate the screen and damage the internal components. But there are other outdoor elements that are equally damaging such as wind blown dust, and these too need to be protected against.


Is another problem for outdoor screens; Outdoor temperatures can drop below zero and yet rise above 40 degrees depending on the time of year so both extremes have to be accounted for.


Another challenge with outdoor screens is ensuring the device can be read in direct sunlight. High brightness screens are essential in areas where direct sunlight is a factor.

Protecting a screen from all these elements is the primary challenge of implementing outdoor digital signage; however, shortcuts that can both save money and make implementation easier are available.

LCD Enclosures

LCD enclosures are a cost saving method of implementing outdoor screens without the need for expensive waterproof outdoor TVs. Not only does an outdoor LCD enclosure offer the same all weather protection than an IP65 TV (outdoor TV) but they are only a fraction of the price. Housing any commercial or standard grade TV device and an LCD enclosure will also contain all the additional cooling and heating elements so often required. They are also manufactured from steel; providing rugged and anti-vandal protection too.

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