Outdoor Digital Signage Opportunities in India

As the world’s largest democracy and one of the fastest growing economies, India provides plenty of opportunities for outdoor advertisers. With a population of over a billion and a burgeoning middle class, many large multinationals are looking to the subcontinent to grow their businesses.

Outdoor advertising is widespread throughout India, but a recent convention suggests advertisers are not utilizing the full potential of the media.

During the Indian Outdoor Advertising Convention 2011, held in Mumbai last week, delegates were told that outdoor advertising in India is trailing behind other nations with only 6% of advertising revenue being invested in outdoor, a figure that doesn’t appear to be moving. In comparison, outdoor advertising in nations like the UK have a growing outdoor market, exceeding 12% of all advertising revenues.

Part of the problem, suggested speakers at the convention, is that Indian out of home is lagging behind in innovation and interaction—including outdoor digital signage. Lynn de Souza, chairman and chief executive officer of Lintas Media Group, showed delegates examples of outdoor advertising from across the globe, saying: “I’d like to see our work become more interactive… It’s not about taking the industry from a 6 per cent share to a 10 per cent one, but it’s about increasing the industry’s respect from 2 per cent to 20 per cent.”

With such a huge population, the rewards fro successful outdoor campaigns can be massive in India, but to gain attention innovation and interaction are going to be key, which is why outdoor digital signage can offer opportunities India.

India already uses outdoor screens in many locations, primarily for information purposes. Armagard recently installed over a hundred screens in New Delhi’s Express Metro Stations, for instance, so providing more screens for outdoor advertising is an opportunity many outdoor advertisers may be missing.


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