Outdoor Digital Signage at the Seaside

The traditional seaside resort is having a renaissance in the UK as more and more people opt to holiday at home rather than face the hassles and high costs of flying and travelling abroad. As a result, many of the traditional resorts along the English coastline are seeing record numbers of visitors, and the extra money they bring is helping to regenerate these areas.

While the traditional piers and seaside entertainment are no longer part of this resurgence of the British seaside, modernity is creeping in along the resorts of Brighton, Scarborough and the like, with the use of outdoor screens.

Outdoor digital signage is being implemented along coastal resorts to inform, entertain and advertise to the hundreds of thousands of visitors these areas are receiving each summer.

Outdoor digital signage has many uses in these holidaying locations. Not only can they provide information on local entertainment – such as end of the pier shows – but local trade can use the screen to promote stores and services available.

The screens also bring an aesthetic appeal, much needed as many of these locations have suffered from a lack of regeneration since their hey-days.

These areas are a challenge to deploy outdoor screens, though. The locations are not only susceptible to the British weather, meaning that the screens have to be protected from rainfall and the varying temperatures of English summers and winters, but also they have to cope with the sea air.

LCD enclosures have been deployed at seaside resorts as an effective measure against the corrosion of salty sea air and protection from the weather. Outdoor LCD enclosures provide al the protection necessary for a standard screen to be taken outdoors and used as digital outdoor signage.

Waterproof and providing an optimum environment inside the enclosure, these protective outdoor cabinets provide all the protection from the weather and outdoor elements whilst also providing a vandal and impact protections ensuring the screen remains operational all year round.

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